The IsoGrid Foundation is NOT (yet) an incorporated non-profit. As such, we have no employees and we are not soliciting donations at this time. Until legal incorporation, this website is simply a product of Travis and Lindsey Martin.

The mission of the IsoGrid Foundation is to promote the development, evolution, and use of the IsoGrid for the benefit of all people. The IsoGrid is the world’s first globally-scalable mesh network protocol stack. As a clean slate design, it’s based on source-routed isochronous streams rather than asynchronous packets.

The CrowdSwitch is intended to be the first hardware product that relies on the IsoGrid stack. It’s the cornerstone of our efforts to bring IsoGrid to the world.

The IsoGrid protocol was initially designed by Travis Martin. Travis has 20 years of experience engineering systems software for a large ISV. But in his spare time since the spring of 2014, he has spent about 2^12 hours designing, prototyping, iterating, specifying, developing, and promoting the IsoGrid protocol and the CrowdSwitch project. Many of those hours were spent conceptualizing the moral ramifications of the design decisions being made. He lives in the Pacific Northwest with his three awesome daughters and his beautifully intelligent and fantastically supportive wife.

You can reach him at travis dot martin (at) this domain

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