Requirements and Protocol Specification

Starting with the belief that technology can make the world a better place for everyone, this concept was developed in my spare time over the past few years.

But what does ‘better’ mean? A moral foundation was required:


  1. Respect and empowerment for the individual
  2. Economic Freedom
  3. Political Freedom
  4. Social Freedom
  5. Community, freedom to associate
  6. Diversity of {Thought, Government, Community, Genetics, Ecosystem, Consumption}
  7. Long-term Economic growth
  8. Long-term Technological growth


  1. Overwhelming sameness
  2. Suffering, followed by death
  3. Death, Destruction, Waste
  4. Suffering

Eventually, I focused on network protocol design as a means to make the world ‘better’. Driven by the belief that decentralization can help promote more of the ‘good’ and help prevent much of the ‘bad’, I set about designing a truly distributed network. The first linked document is an attempt at defining and justifying the requirements. The second linked document is an attempt at defining a protocol.

Enough prototyping was done to show that the protocol is generally workable, but it is not ready for adoption.

The protocol specification is a very early first draft. I am conflicted on the one hand by my pride, knowing that I can make it better before releasing it. On the other hand, since I’m giving away the protocol as a gift to anyone wanting to use it for free, there’s no non-selfish reason to hold it back any longer. I’d love help making it better!

A note about contributing: Since this specification is released into the public domain, all contributions MUST be provided with no rights reserved.

If you’d like to discuss or contribute, head over to the IsoGrid Forum!

IsoGrid Requirements v1.001
IsoGrid Protocol Specification v0.100


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