Scalable Mesh Routing Update

Yay! Giant swaths of the IsoGrid protocol spec have survived over 2 months of me stewing over them! Over the next week or so, I may publish a few blog posts using some of the new content found in the spec.

Here’s the changelist for version 0.220 vs. 0.215:

  • Outlined the application layer protocols for the IsoGrid stack
    • Scalable mesh mapping and routing using HashMatchLogMap (HMLM)
    • Distributed content addressable storage (CAS)
    • Distributed self-certified naming using HostNameLocatorHash
    • GeoHash abstracted within LocatorHash
  • Specify how to use uPktWithReply to calculate the round trip exchange rate and PaymentCredits to an arbitrary destination at the network layer
  • Rename ‘ReplyPaymentCredits’ to ‘ReplyCostAccumulator’
  • IsoStreamRoute ‘words’ -> ‘tags’
  • Specify in more detail how multiple IsoStreamRoute tags can be packed in a single word
  • Remove vestigial ‘InBandSignal’ references
  • Simplified the EccFlow session options and specified them in more detail
    • ControlSession specified in more detail
    • Switch EccFlow from AES-GCM to AES-OCB
    • Describe plan for future EccFlow initialization protocol evolution
  • Remove multiple priorities from GetBestRoutes (how can you have multiple priorities?)
  • Expand on the Distributed Naming problem and the IsoGrid solution

Here’s the latest spec:
IsoGrid Protocol Specification v0.220.

To the extent possible under law, Travis.Martin has waived all copyright and related or neighboring rights to:
IsoGrid Protocol Specification v0.220.
This work is published from: United States.

This document is still an early draft. If you’d like to help improve it, check out the IsoGrid Forum.