Working on an implementation of an IsoGrid switch – Spec Update

Over the last 6 months, I’ve been implementing an IsoGrid switch. I call it the CrowdSwitch. Much progress has been made and I’m starting to get excited about how far I’ve come. This work led me to make some improvements to the IsoGrid spec; the latest version is released below. Our next steps are:

  1. Publish CrowdSwitch design basics at [Sept 13 2017: Done!]
  2. Work on completing the engineering system for the CrowdSwitch product (build, test, bug management, etc.) [Sept 1 2017: Initial work done!]
  3. Try to find some motivated software systems engineers who want to contribute development time to the project
  4. Continue to make progress on the code

IsoGrid Protocol Spec changelist for version 0.230 vs. 0.225:

  • Clarified wording
  • Specified bit and byte ordering (Little-Endian)
  • µPkt is now statically sized (8 words)
  • IsoStreamFooter design changed
  • Alternatives to Parity
  • Removed µRoute
  • Changed µPkt extensibility model
  • Payments changed from floating-point to fixed-point for latency benefits
  • Renamed CachedRoutes/Routes to Breadcrumbs, and added more details
  • Added a new requirement to µPktWithReply
  • Large refactor of InitIsoStream type hierarchy and requirements
  • Refactored IsoStreamRoute tags
  • Added a DelayAccept member and associated requirements to InitEccFlow and AcceptEccFlow; to address a security issue
  • Add detail about fan-outs using the LinkTunnel pattern
  • Refactored LocatorHash to be 64 bytes (to fit in µPkt)
  • Idea about Breadcrumbs for HashMatch
  • Idea about Micro-Payments within a computer to fairly allocate resources; say, in a VM environment.

Here’s the latest spec:

IsoGrid Protocol Specification v0.230.


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IsoGrid Protocol Specification v0.230.
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This document is still an early draft. If you’d like to help improve it, contact Travis.Martin at this domain. Discussion at Hacker News!