Spec Update Nov 2017

Over the last 2 months, I’ve continued to add more features to the CrowdSwitch. As expected, the spec needs improvements each time I reach implementation; the latest version is released below. Our next steps are:

  1. Try to find some motivated software systems engineers who want to contribute development time to the project
  2. Continue to make progress on the code

IsoGrid Protocol Spec changelist for version 0.235 vs. 0.230:

  • Clarified wording
  • Simplified micro-transfers to use Energy
  • Generalized concept of a Node vs. a Switch
  • Removed IsoStreamFooter by decrementing an (integer) IsoStreamWordCount every time a word of the IsoStreamRoute is used up.
  • Added a Tick field for producing more deterministic Energy behavior
  • Added a Priority field for specifying the priority of µPkt and streams
  • Merged HopCounter with µPktId with similar counting behavior
  • Reduced HopCounter to 32 bits
  • Created the concept of a IsoStream continuation to prevent the need for pre-allocating huge IsoStreams
  • Added some more detail to Advertisements.

Here’s the latest spec:

IsoGrid Protocol Specification v0.235.


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IsoGrid Protocol Specification v0.235.
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This document is still an early draft. If you’d like to help improve it, contact Travis.Martin at this domain. Discussion at Hacker News!