CrowdSwitch Proof of Concept Validated



Our first CrowdSwitch Proof-Of-Concept prototype

I’m pleased to announce the IsoSwitch.201802 release of the CrowdSwitch SW and HW source code.

This release substantially validates the overall HW design. The code runs at full speed on real hardware (though it still has plenty of bugs and missing features).

The proof-of-concept hardware is an off-the-shelf $300 XCORE-200 SliceKIT development board with 3x Ethernet | XA-SK-E100 SliceCARDs.

For the next phase of HW validation, I have contracted to have 5 initial prototype boards assembled using our first CrowdSwitch HW design. These should arrive in about 3 weeks. It’s my first ever design, so I’m expecting them to fail 🙂

In the meantime, I’ll be working on building an Energy Ledger in C# to run on the SoC. This will also allow me to beef up the unit test.

HW Design Release Notes:

  • Accommodate final 1×4 RJ45 part
  • Switch out unavailable parts
  • Add some debugging pads and pins

SW Release Notes:

  • Switching to ETH (NEX) instead of SPI
  • Supports Ethernet Framing and CRCs
  • NdisProtocol integration (allows running SoC side code on Windows PC)
  • Fixing bugs
  • New test for real HW