Starting with the belief that technology can make the world a better place for everyone, the IsoGrid was created as a side project over the past few years.

But what does ‘better’ mean? A moral foundation was required:


  1. Respect and empowerment for the individual
  2. Economic Freedom
  3. Political Freedom
  4. Social Freedom
  5. Community, freedom to associate
  6. Diversity of {Thought, Government, Community, Genetics, Ecosystem, Consumption}
  7. Long-term Economic growth
  8. Long-term Technological growth


  1. Overwhelming sameness
  2. Suffering, followed by death
  3. Death, Destruction, Waste
  4. Suffering

The IsoGrid, as a network protocol design, became a means to make the world ‘better’. Driven by the belief that decentralization can help promote more of the ‘good’ and help prevent much of the ‘bad’, the IsoGrid is intended to be the world’s first globally-scalable truly distributed mesh network.

The IsoGrid’s Socioeconomic Vision:

  • Lower barriers to entry in markets for goods and services that rely on networks
  • Empower individuals to improve their lives
  • Increase individual freedom